Hello, I am Jewel, and I was addicted to Neopets.

by Jewel

I started Neopets while searching for "Virtual Pet" at Google. Neopets came second on the list. And what was meant for fun, became an obsession. 

I started the first two months ignoring this dungeon, since I had no idea what to do, and how it can be fun. But I saw my friend also having an account, with lots of items and "painted" pets, and that made me want that too.

So, at 4 months, the only thing I've ever done was play the games I like, buy what I want, and simply have fun. Then, I started going to the boards. Yes, the boards are crazy. I tell you, if a person doesn't go to the Chatroom, and only limits their Buddy Lists to their Real Life friends, he could have enjoyed playing this game for a long time.

But no. I went there and saw the people of the game. They had pretty looking accounts, with lots of Avatars and lots of money. I hungered for what those have, and I've done a good job. For the next 8 whole months, I have been making millions, by slaving in front of my PC. Slave to the point where I eat in front of my computer, and have bookmarked at least 50 Neopets Related sites. It was scary, now that I think of it.

My boyfriend was getting mad at me, for neglecting real life things. For not doing my homework. For not going to my baby cousin's baptism. I've always been in the top 5 of the class, and I was also Mathematician of the Year. Yes, a bit a geek, I know. But now, I've dropped from the top of the class, and I've failed my Advanced Biology with a 78.

I was scared that it might continue, but I did nothing. I continued earning thousands of fake money a day. I even went home early from an important occasion of my best friend, just to get the Halloween Sidebar. I'm sorry now.

I quit mostly because I realized that the friends I've met are friends just in Neopets. I have no idea what to talk about with them besides NeoPets. The foundations of all friendships there are the stupid looking NeoPets, and the money and items that goes along with them.

I found that you have less friends if your account is not good. That no one wants to lend a MSPP(TCG) to a newbie. That no one wants to lend / give anything for free.

I also found that these friends, don't care if you're failing in RL. They'll give you a good item, thinking that would make people happy. No, it made me just want to play Neopets more. I realized I needed time with my boyfriend, my friends, my family, and that I need to apologize to my best friend.

So yesterday, I decided to quit for good. Such a shame I didn't find your site sooner.

I saw your board and that you were giving out items, and saying you were quitting. And I looked at every post, begging for items. They were scary. They still haven't been bored of a boring thing. I look at their accounts and see how much they WORK at supposedly a GAME.

I will never recommend this site to anyone else. A fake world, fake money, fake pets, fake economy, and fake friends. Nothing is real, and nothing will ever benefit a person in real life.

Thanks for making the site.

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