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Neopets Banned Words

Have you ever typed in a "bad" word in neomail, and get something like this:

Did you ever wonder what other words might be banned?  I spent a little time (and with the help of my friend Val), and we tried our best to figure out all of the banned words in neoland.  Before I go further, a warning.  Don't use your main account to type bad words.  Type enough of them, and the account will be frozen.

Just a picture my friend Cathy drew.  It has nothing to do with banned words, I just thought I'd add it.

Anyway, this is how I tested them.  I used spare accounts and typed in words I thought might be banned in neomail, and sent mail to another of my accounts.  I suppose you could send it to anyone, but it'd be weird sending people you know "bad" words.  I repeat, DO NOT USE YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT TO TRY THESE WORDS.  After testing about 15 banned words, I got two warnings.  I guess they didn't know which I was doing, testing the filters or swearing at others:

If you do them too much, you will get your account iced, just for sending bad words through neomail.  These are two accounts that were iced after testing too many bad words in neoland:

To find these words, I both used what I knew, and searched a few pages for curse words and sites that had bad words.  You probably never heard of some of the words, and if you know all of them, then I congratulate you on your vast knowledge of profane words.  If you don't know what a word means, that's your problem.  Look them up before using them . . . though it's probably best not to use them at all.

And these are the words.  Again, DON'T TEST THESE IN YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT.  The ones on the left column are words you cannot use in neomail, and I presume neochat, or you will be neo-frozen.  The ones on the right column are ones that you can use (as of December 2003).  If you can think of any more, email me, dninomiya@hotmail.com with the word "neopets" in the subject, thanks.

Fuck Neo Fascism

Words that are BANNED in neoland: Interesting words that are ALLOWED in neoland:
*your neopets password* alcohol
abortion anal
anus beastiality
ass bondage
bastard booty
bitch circumcision
blow job cock
blow me coon
boner cooter
boob/boobs cornhole
bra crap
breasts (breast is ok) crotch
butt crystal meth
cannabis deepthroat
cannibal ding dong
chink doggy style
cleavage donkey punch
clit douche
clitoris drug/drugs
cocaine dyke
condom ecstasy
crack/cracker estrogen
cum fadunk
cunt feces
cybering/cyber flaccid
damn foreplay
dickhead (dick is ok) fornication
dildo french kiss
dumbass/dumb as furburger
ejaculate (ejaculation is ok) genital
erect/erection gigalo
erotic (erotica is ok) give head
fag goddamn
fellatio gynecologist
fingering hag
foreskin hard on
freehand hermaphrodite
fuck, fuc, fuk hick
gay ho/hoe
gonads homo
hell hussy
hentai impotence
heroin inbreed
herpes intercourse
hitler jap
hoar jesus christ
hooker kinky
hooters (hooter is ok) kyke
horny lap dancer
hump lingerie
incest lolita
itching LSD
jack me off make love
jack off (whack off is ok) make out
jerk off molest
jizz (jism is ok, jizm is ok, jiz is ok) narcotics
lesbian / lezzie nazi
lmfao (lmao is ok) necrophiliac
marijuana (weed is ok, pot is ok) opium
masturbate/masturbation ovaries
mate (gets changed to fish) PCP
milf pedophile
myspace puberty
naked rump
naughty (gets changed to boring) sadomasochism
nigger scrotum
nipple skank
nude slave
orgasm sodomy
orgy spank
panties (underwear is ok) spic
password/p-word testosterone
pecker thong
penis tobacco
pimp torture
piss (pissed is ok, urine is ok) trailor trash
playboy (hustler is ok) urethra
poontang urologist
porn/porno (pornography is ok) valium
prick virgin
prostitute/prostitution vodka
pubic vulva
pussy wench
queer white trash
rape wop
stripper (strip is ok)
suck (sucks is ok, sucking is ok)
tit/tits (titties is ok)
wet dream

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